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Creating Super Star Employees - Ephraim Zagelbaum

The Staffing Guide, Part Two: Creating Super Star Employees

Let’s say you have a Super Star Manager. They come in early, they do every task perfectly. Your residents love them. Heck, you love them too! They teach their team exactly what they need to do when they need to do it. And if something doesn’t get done, they’ll swoop in and do it themselves. It’s one of the reasons why they became a manager in the first place. You can always count on them. They’re the only one who gets anything done!

But what if what they were doing, was actually wrong?

I know what you’re thinking. How could they be in the wrong, if they’re the only one who gets things done?

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End and Begin Your Year - Ephraim Zagelbaum

Four Questions to End and Begin Your Year

It’s about this time of year that everything comes and goes so quickly. If you’re like me, you’re stepping on the gas pedal to get everything done and have yet to think about your 2018 strategic plan. There are so many deadlines in the days ahead, so what I’m about to tell you is going to seem counter-intuitive.



I know how hard this is. I’m struggling to put my foot on the brake too, but that’s what makes this even more important. You see, there are four questions that every leader must live by and use to guide their actions in the days ahead. They’re challenging. They’re not always fun. But it’s necessary. Read More

Happier Holidays - Ephraim Zagelbaum

Happier Holidays Happen at Home

3 Ways to Bring the Spirit of the Season to Your Nursing Home


The air has started to chill, and each morning I wake up hoping it’ll snow—I can’t help it. This time of year brings back memories of spending time with my family, cooking (or waiting to eat), and sharing gifts with everyone I love.

Yet for a lot of seniors, especially those in long-term care, decking the halls with boughs of holly isn’t really much of an option. Read More

Staffing Guide | Ephraim Zagelbaum

The Staffing Guide, Part One: Enacting Change

Hop onto any forum with SNF Administrators and you’ll read about one of the biggest challenges facing nursing homes. Symptoms are as follows:

  • Staff members begin to exhibit passive-aggressive behavior.
    • “Well, that’s the way we’ve always done it”
    • “That’s a waste of my time.”
    • “I’ve been doing this job for years, I know what actually needs to get done.”
    • Changes aren’t being implemented.
    • Administrator turnover is skyrocketing.

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Transition to a Nursing Home | Ephraim Zagelbaum

Support Your Loved One’s Transition to a Nursing Home

The first steps to help them through it

It’s never easy sitting down with a parent and explaining that they need to transition into a nursing home. It’s an emotionally draining experience for you, and certainly for your loved one. Maybe they’ll be angry with you, or depressed. Maybe you’ll feel guilty. And while I’ve talked previously about the benefits of a home—there’s an emotional aspect of this transition that needs to be addressed.

There is a way to help your loved ones learn to embrace the next stage of their life. And it starts with these three things to help you become their pillar of support: Read More

Nursing Homes | Ephraim Zagelbaum

The Scary Truth about Nursing Homes

There’s a lot of horror stories and myths out there about nursing homes, but this Halloween, I’m here to tell you the bone-chilling truth.

  1. Myth: Residents are lonely

    • The truth: Residents are surrounded in a community of their peers and homes host games and activities so patients have an opportunity to make new friends.
  2. Myth: Residents cannot make their own decisions

    • The truth: Residents don’t lose their rights when they enter a home, they can and do determine what activities, routines, and meals they want. Read More
agingrobot | Ephraim Zagelbaum

iPhones & Nursing Homes

The iPhone X is scheduled to be available for preorder on October 27th. There are all sorts of new features with the latest phone, the better camera, facial recognition… but this isn’t an advertisement for Apple.

No, what’s really got me thinking about the iPhone X is just the technological advances that are available these days. You have an app for everything, you have a camera that fits in your pocket, you have social media to instantly connect with all those you love and know. Read More

Taking A Step Back

The Power of Taking a Step Back

Every month, I take a step back from the metrics, reports and analytical work of my business—or rather, I take a step back from “work” to think. It’s during this time that I reflect on the successes and failures of the month before. How often was I frustrated, or a member of my staff left feeling overworked or underprepared to handle their responsibilities? How often did we receive praise from residents families, enjoy a good laugh with one of our patients, have a genuinely great day? Read More

quality care | Ephraim Zagelbaum

The Nursing Home Stigma

Families of our patients often have a negative view on nursing homes. This is always going to be a stigma in our industry, but I like to think about the little ways I can help ease that issue. One such way is to consider and spend time with the other perspective. I’ve been reading the revised version of Janice M. Blanchard’s book “Aging in Community” from 2013. Read More

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