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Transition to a Nursing Home | Ephraim Zagelbaum

Support Your Loved One’s Transition to a Nursing Home

The first steps to help them through it It’s never easy sitting down with a parent and explaining that they need to transition into a nursing home. It’s an emotionally draining experience for you, and certainly for your loved one. Maybe they’ll be angry with you, or depressed. Maybe you’ll feel guilty. And while I’ve […]
Nursing Homes | Ephraim Zagelbaum

The Scary Truth about Nursing Homes

There’s a lot of horror stories and myths out there about nursing homes, but this Halloween, I’m here to tell you the bone-chilling truth. Myth: Residents are lonely The truth: Residents are surrounded in a community of their peers and homes host games and activities so patients have an opportunity to make new friends. Myth: […]