The Scary Truth about Nursing Homes

There’s a lot of horror stories and myths out there about nursing homes, but this Halloween, I’m here to tell you the bone-chilling truth.

  1. Myth: Residents are lonely

    • The truth: Residents are surrounded in a community of their peers and homes host games and activities so patients have an opportunity to make new friends.
  2. Myth: Residents cannot make their own decisions

    • The truth: Residents don’t lose their rights when they enter a home, they can and do determine what activities, routines, and meals they want.
  3. Myth: Nursing care centers smell bad

    • The truth: This is far from the truth, we make sure everyone is taken care of and that are facilities smell good and are welcoming. Plus, not only do homes have inspections every 12-15 months, we are also inspected daily by families of patients and potential residents who come to visit—we always want to look (and smell) our best.
  4. Myth: There’s no privacy in a nursing home facility

    • The truth: While some patients share a room, residents always have a right to privacy! We make sure there’s a balance between security, supervision, and personal privacy.
  5. Myth: Residents are all very sick

    • The truth: So many of our residents are healthy and sharp of mind, many of them need assistance living their day-to-day life, remembering to take medications, or simply taking a bath without falling. Being in a home simply means you need assistance, it’s not a death sentence.
  6. Myth: Patients never leave the nursing home

    • The truth: This all depends on a patient’s needs. While some do live in a home for the rest of their lives, others are around to recover after surgeries.
  7. Myth: A nursing facility is like a hospital

    • The truth: Nursing homes are a place to continue life’s activities in a way that is appropriate to your age and capabilities.
  8. Myth: Husbands and wives must live apart

    • The truth: Many couples share rooms when they enter a home together, and many others find their second loves in a home and will decide to “move in” together.
  9. Myth: Meals aren’t appetizing

    • The truth: While it’s hard to compete with a homemade meal, nursing facilities have meals that are properly nutritionally balanced, varied and appetizing.
  10. Myth: Patients are given too many medications

    • The truth: We want all patients and their family members to understand the medications they’re taking and raise any concerns they may have. All medication is reviewed by a consultant pharmacist to ensure it’s needed, and not overprescribed.